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Virtual Sessions

Imagine being able to get up, roll out of bed and into your activewear, turn on your smartphone or iPad and have a one on one personal Pilates session. What about doing school drop off and heading home for your personal Pilates session online? Or coming straight home from work and onto the mat for some much needed “you” time. The possibilities are endless!

No travel, no membership and no parking hassles.

These are specific sessions just for you in the comfort of your own home or office in real time, with me. It takes the hassle out of travel and gives you the gift of time! Going away on holidays or traveling for work? Perfect, there is no need to stop sessions as we can continue the good work from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. All you need is a smart phone, laptop or iPad and we can get started today.

I believe that the need for regular exercise should come from a place of wanting to improve overall health and wellbeing, with a strong focus on “feeling” better, nourishing our joints, creating strength and mobility, lifting our moods, improving our sleep quality and becoming more in tune with our natural rhythms both physically and energetically. Listening to our bodies is key as it allows us to really nourish our bodies and brains in just the right way. Pilates brings you in and gets to the root, it makes you happy, lighter, stronger and creates a sense of balance, ease and contentment. Now, combine that with a guided meditation or perhaps a skipping session each week and you have the all tools you’ll need for your “whole body health”.


Sessions are 75 min long and include a guided meditation, choose from the Pilates with props package or straight up mat Pilates. 

Enquire about larger groups or perhaps you have an under utilised reformer at home?

Pilates with props: Initial setup $482

What’s included?

  • Your inital consultation
  • A fold away Pilates mat
  • A Pilates stick
  • A magic Circle
  • Two Franklin Balls
  • 1/2 or whole roller
  • One spiky peanut ball
  • One small air ball
  • Postage


Straight up mat Pilates: Initial setup $260

What’s included?

  • Your initial consultation
  • A fold away Pilates mat
  • Two different strength therabands
  • Postage


Mat Pilates and skipping: Initial setup $275

What’s included?

  • Your initial consultation
  • A fold away Pilates mat
  • One high quality leather skipping rope with ball bearings
  • Postage


Home Equipment sessions: Initial set up – $220

Already have a reformer or other studio equipment at home and want to make the most out of it? These packages below are available to you too.


Private Four Week Packages

  • One private each week: $493
  • Two privates a week: $984

Duo four week packages

  • One duo per week – $246
  • Two Duos a week – $493

Please Note:

  • Packages are in 4 weekly block payments and there are no contracts
  • If you wish to cease sessions just give notice in writing one week before your package runs out
  • Need to freeze your sessions due to illness or just need a break? No problems just let me know and they will be ready and waiting when you return
  • Sessions are not refundable or transferable to the next block or another person
    Sessions are deducted from blocks and if less than 24hrs notice is given when cancelling unless I can reschedule you in within that 4 weeks
    Mobile phones must be switched off during sessions except in special circumstances.
  • Payments can be made via direct bank transfer if you would prefer
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